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Fueling FinTech innovations

For over a decade, ANGOO Fintech has been building software solutions for Fintech companies and innovative startups. Our experts help Currency cloud maintain, refactor and scale their B2B Payments as a Service (PaaS) platform. We design and deploy flexible software architectures with microservices. It allows smooth integration of internal and third-party services.


ANGOO Fintech assembles and expands dedicated development teams for the leading fintechs letting them sustain healthy growth without overspending. Focus on strategy and business development, let us do the development heavy-lifting.

Improve and refactor platforms

We have extensive experience in upgrading entire Fintech platforms. Our experts refactor monolith systems into efficient microservices. ANGOO Fintech teams successfully scale solutions and substantially enhance data integrity within the fintech platforms. We also help fintechs deploy new technologies such as blockchain.

Utilize microservices architecture

Working with financial technology companies, we build highly-available systems focusing on secure development, compliance, and industry regulations. ANGOO engineers help Fintech enterprises significantly improve their software architectures and scale operations.

Choose a cooperation model

ANGOO Fintech offers Dedicated Development Team services and comprehensive Software Product Development services for fintech companies. Additionally, we engineer e-commerce and financial apps for large-scale enterprises that operate in other industries.

Power behind top fintechs

MBKRealty Price MBK/USDT
MBKRealty Price MBK/USDT

“MBK Realty” is mainly targeted at Asian investors, mainly in China and Hong Kong, and is targeted at Japanese investors.
In addition to providing information on real estate for investment, crypto-assets (virtual currency) can be used instead of time-consuming and time-consuming overseas remittances.
It is a system that enables safe and speedy payments.
Initially, we will post information on 10 properties, but we will solicit information on properties that we would like to sell from property owners and real estate agents.
The registration of real estate ownership transfer after the sale is completed is performed by a judicial scrivener affiliated with the Company, but remote property viewing,
Developed to be completed with the real estate transaction platform “MBK Realty” as much as possible, such as concluding a sales contract
We will proceed.


Step 1

Our Fintech projects

Since 2007, Interakt has been cooperating with the leading financial technology companies in the UK and beyond. Our engineers have also built financial technology solutions for a British MVNO Lebara, P2P lending solution for the US-based Backed, Forex trading platform for Finatek, and more.

Step 2.

P2P money transfers

We assembled and expanded dedicated development teams for Fintech leaders Currencycloud and RateSetter, as well as British MVNO Lebara. For instance, with Lebara Money solution, users can make reliable, peer-to-peer cross-border mobile money transfers

Step 3.

Cross-border payments

London-based Currencycloud delivers Cross Border Payments as a Service. They leverage cloud technologies to provide access to a multitude of payment networks and exchange rate providers. The solution automates entire payment life cycles giving businesses an ultimate control over their funds.


Bitcoin applications development

Blockchain solutions for finance

Development of digital banking solutions

Online trading and exchange platforms engineering

Money transaction platforms engineering

Maintenance and modernization of existing services

Financial web and mobile applications development

Integration and optimization

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